In September of 1982 with the planned enclosure of the outdoor Perry Park Ice Rink in progress, the dream of a figure skating club with set times, programming and stable ice conditions was feasible.

Coaches, participants of Perry Park’s ice skating lessons, families and individuals came together at a Saturday open house at the rink and launched Sycamore Ice Skating Club, thanks to Gail Nelson, Chuck and Linda Laughlin, Joan Brunner and Fay Wright. They received a sanction from U.S. Figure Skating; created and adopted the club’s constitution, by-laws and incorporation; and put officers and board members in place. The founders even managed a spring ice show in April 1983 in this open-air rink. The spring show has continued annually as a club tradition.

The name “Sycamore” came about through the idea of Joan’s husband, Tom. With three clubs already in the area, the founders were looking for a unique name to identify this new club. Sycamore is synonymous with the state of Indiana, and there were a few of these trees in the woods beside the rink, so the club decided to adopt that name. The founders also determined that using the term “ice” skating club rather than “figure” skating club was more inclusive for all types of skating — not just figure skating.

Statements of Purpose:

  • To encourage the instruction, practice, enjoyment and advancement of its members in all aspects of figure skating including freestyle skating, moves in the field, dance, figures, team skating and Basic Skills
  • To encourage and cultivate a spirit of fellowship among skaters
  • To sponsor, produce and cooperate in the production of amateur ice show(s) and exhibitions
  • To perform other activities as necessary in the pursuit of the objectives and purposes of club
  • To carry out the policies of our parent organization and sanctioning body — U.S. Figure Skating