Laughlin Award

Each year, Sycamore ISC presents the Laughlin Award to a club member or group of skaters, chosen by the board of directors. The recipient is recognized for giving his or her time and talents to the betterment of the club while encouraging fellow members, working on individual skating skills and serving the community. The award is named in honor of Michele Laughlin, a former skating club member and international pairs competitor, and her family, who helped form the Sycamore Club in 1982.

Meg Strickland received the 2016 Laughlin Award for her dedication and service to the club. She was a huge help with our annual show, new website, Learn to Skate program and junior board.

Previous award winners

1986: Julie Kemle

1987: Jenny Nelson

1988: Martha Faatz

1989: Karen Krampe

1990: Karen Nelson

1991: Andrea Impicciche

1992: Barb Rector, Jeff Konopka

1993: Glenda Konopka

1994: Elizabeth Gokey

1995: Lindsay Templeton

1996: Barb Rector, Glenda Konopka

1997: Karen Nelson

1998: Fay Wright

1999: Josie Miller

2000: Natalie Mader

2001: Jenny Stavros-Turner

2002: Melissa Truex

2003: Kari Hritsko

2004: Hannah and Sophie Paquette

2005: Julie Query

2006: Peyton Christ, Julie Query

2007: Pam Vetor

2008: Chase Patrick

2009: Andrea Yovanovich

2010: 2009 Indiana State Figure Skating competition volunteers

2011: Elizabeth Finn

2012: Rebecca Updike

2013: Laura Wilson

2014: Ellie Price

2015: 2015 Columbus Invitational skating team

2016: Meg Strickland