Sycamore Ice Skating Club is a not-for-profit, sanctioned home club of U.S. Figure Skating. We use our resources to purchase ice from Perry Park Ice Rink and host a variety of skating programs, including group lessons, for members and the community.

We welcome recreational and competitive skaters of all ages and their families into our membership. Membership is renewed annually for the season beginning July 1 and ending June 30. There is a variety of options for full membership and associate membership. Membership level depends on the goals of the skaters in your family. Read about the different membership types here.

Our fun, family-oriented club hosts ice sessions — at discounted rates for members — so skaters can practice and take group and private lessons. Our members enjoy getting together for activities and social events on and off the ice.

Download our 2017–18 membership application here. Ice package fees are subject to change.

I think what makes us special is our friends and coaches! I stay a member because of all my friends at SISC! I love when our club cheers us on at competitions!

Caroline Schilling

Skater and Sycamore ISC member

I became a member of Sycamore Ice Skating Club because of my pure love for the sport, and I have continued to stay for that and another reason, the support of my club. The club is my second family that I know is always there and cheering for me. I enjoy competitions, but everyone gets a little bit nervous. Having that friendly support system to rely on is really important to me, and I believe that it will benefit the skaters in this club greatly. The people that I have met at SISC are the most supportive and amicable group of people, and they alone make it worth being part of this club.

Sophia Dietz

Skater and Sycamore ISC board member

I decided to become a member to improve my skating. After becoming a member, I have had more opportunities to practice and compete. I enjoy how all the girls get along, support each other and cheer loudly for each other at competitions. I enjoy being a member because of all the opportunities to make friends with the other girls and coaches.

Alex Balint

Skater and Sycamore ISC member

I joined Sycamore ISC because I wanted to learn how to ice skate. SISC had lessons at a rink close to my home, so it was doable. I had taken lessons when I was much younger at SISC and knew I wanted to come back.

Raewyn Updike

Skater and Sycamore ISC member

As a charter member of the club, I will always have SISC close to heart. I occasionally look back at old rosters and pictures of club activities and shows, remembering the great times shared by many. Though not active with the skating aspect for myself at this time, I recall fondly the times I did skate frequently and made significant progress. Now, it is watching others do the same thing. The club has gone through many changes, has had its ups and downs, but we persevere, and after 33 years, we’re still going strong. That is a testament to those who have been involved, past and present, skaters and coaches alike.  I think it says a lot when seven of our supporting members (six of them charter members) continue to support year after year, long after they have “left” the club.  Long live Sycamore ISC!

Barb Rector

Treasurer of Sycamore ISC

The Sycamore Ice Skating Club began with a few skaters who love and enjoy skating. We saw an opportunity to share this with skaters at Perry Park. Our basic concept was to stress the fun, enjoyment and challenges that come from pursuing this often difficult but satisfying sport. This idea is what makes this club special.
Fay Wright

Founding member of Sycamore ISC

At Sycamore ISC, the skaters to me are considered best friends, not competitors. The coaches are all kind and always help me if I don’t understand how to do a certain move. Sycamore ISC skaters are my second family.

Corinna Schilling

Skater and Sycamore ISC member

I have always found Sycamore Ice Skating Club to be a type of Norman Rockwell environment. The kids are out on the ice, having fun, developing healthy skills, supporting each other, and the parents looking on, watching the kids being nice to each other, practicing, being creative, so proud of them, and forming friendships themselves.

Rebecca Updike

Parent and Sycamore ISC board member

Sycamore Ice Skating Club is full of amazing coaches and skaters. I get to enjoy extra ice time with skaters around my level, classes to help me progress in skating and group get-togethers with the club. My favorite thing about the club is having encouragement from my other skating friends to complete a move, test or competition. The membership to the club has helped me so much in the last year. I have passed all of my the Free Skate 1–6 levels and have started passing tests in higher levels. I couldn’t have done it without the extra ice time, classes and support from the rest of the club. With my extra ice time, I can play competition music over the loud speakers so I can practice like it’s the real thing. SISC has also organized a practice competition right before the real competition so we can run through our programs in front of our parents and friends. The club’s main focus is to help us skaters get better. What makes us special is our fan section at competitions. We we have a whole section decked out in club jackets that cheers louder than any other club. When I hear them cheer, it makes me smile and skate harder.

Meg Strickland

Skater and Sycamore ISC member