Register for group lessons in Sycamore’s Learn to Skate USA program for the 2016–17 skating season. See the dates below to find out when you need to register for the next session of classes.

We welcome you to sign up anytime during a session if you wish to continue lessons in the next session.

Please download our lesson application here. You can send your registration form, waiver and payment to our Learn to Skate coordinator at the address provided on the application.

If your skater (Basic 4 and above) plans to take lessons for our full season and would enjoy an extra half-hour of practice time each week, please check out our Junior Club membership here.

Here’s a breakdown of our group lesson schedule and fees:

U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Membership: $13

This annual fee paid the first time you register for the season allows skaters to take group lessons and compete in Basic Skills competitions. U.S. Figure Skating requires all Learn to Skate USA participants to be Learn to Skate USA members.

Session 1: $65 (Saturday, Learn to Skate) or $65 (Wednesday, Adult Learn to Skate)
Register by Sept. 24
Saturday classes: Oct. 1 to Oct. 29, 5 weeks, $65
Wednesday classes: Oct. 5 to Nov. 2, 5 weeks, $65

Session 2: $65 (Saturday, Learn to Skate) or $65 (Wednesday, Adult Learn to Skate)
Register by Oct. 29
Saturday classes: Nov. 5 to Dec. 17, 5 weeks, $65
Wednesday classes: Nov. 9 to Dec. 15, 5 weeks, $65
*Sycamore ISC will not have group lessons on Nov. 12 due to the state competition or on Nov. 23 and 26 due to Thanksgiving.

Session 3: $78 (Saturday, Learn to Skate) or $78 (Wednesday, Adult Learn to Skate)
Register by Dec. 28
Saturday classes: Jan. 7 to Feb. 18, 7 weeks, $78
Wednesday classes: Jan. 4 to Feb. 8, 6 weeks, $78
*Skaters enrolled in group lessons in session three can participate in the annual Sycamore ISC exhibition on Feb. 18.

Session 4: $52 (Saturday, Learn to Skate) or $65 (Wednesday, Adult Learn to Skate)
Register by Feb. 18
Saturday classes: Feb. 25 to March 18, 4 weeks, $52
Wednesday classes: Feb. 15 to March 15, 5 weeks, $65

Download our Learn to Skate USA lesson application